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Import your furniture for senior residences and retirement homes. We offer a quality furniture sourcing solution, specifically adapted to the needs of senior residences.

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Senior and retirement home furniture procurement
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3 ways to buy your
senior residence furniture in China

Buy stocks from Chinese wholesalers

Place orders from factory catalogues

Prototype and produce your original designs

Asiaction Furniture - Your reliable partner for importing furniture for senior residences and retirement homes

Asiaction Furniture is your trusted partner for importing furniture for senior residences and retirement homes.

Specialized in the import of quality furniture, we are your key partner for furnishing your retirement homes and senior residences. Our wide choice of furniture, from reputable manufacturers, meets the highest standards of comfort, safety and durability. 

With Asiaction Furniture, importing furniture for senior residences and retirement homes has never been easier or more secure. We are renowned for our sourcing expertise and our ability to tailor our offer to the specific needs of our customers.

Choose an import partner you can trust, for an environment in which your residents can flourish.

Import mobilier senior

Import furniture for nursing homes and senior residences

Discover the best selection of senior furniture from China.

Import mobilier senior

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We meet all your needs for buying furniture in China.

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Our executive team is located in Guangzhou, the heart of China's furniture industry.


We source and price, manage production, quality and organize delivery to your warehouse.

Importing Furniture for Retirements homes and Senior Residences: FAQ

Senior residence furniture is specifically designed to meet the needs of residents of nursing homes. It includes healthcare beds, recliners, storage units and much more, all in compliance with comfort and safety standards.

Senior residence furniture must be comfortable, safe and adapted to the needs of residents. It’s also important to consider the ease of use, durability and cleanability of the furniture.

Choosing a supplier of furniture for retirement homes or senior residences means taking several factors into account. It’s important to check the quality of the products, their compliance with safety standards, and the supplier’s after-sales service.

Importing furniture for retirement homes and senior residences generally involves choosing a trusted supplier, selecting the appropriate products, managing the logistical and customs aspects, and delivering the furniture to the facility.

Working with a specialized supplier like Asiaction in furniture for retirement homes and senior residences offers many advantages. These suppliers have a better understanding of the specific needs of this type of establishment, can offer a wider range of adapted products, and are generally more capable of meeting the required quality and safety standards.

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furniture sourcing

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